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Reviews for Assassin

Below you will find reviews for Assassin.

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The Reviews

June 16, 2006

"I hated to see this book end. Your descriptions of Rain and Case sparring, making love, and shooting the hell out of the Mafia folks was so easy to see. The parts about the child abuse were very tough to read. I don't know what to say about it except you gave us plenty of warning. This is the first of your books that I've read. I'm looking forward to exploring your other stories."

— Pat

June 4, 2004

"I read Assassin and was completely entranced in the way you set up the plot and the intelligence and planning that went into the entire scenario. I was very impressed. I usually don't email people I don't know, but I just had to tell you what a terrific read Assassin was. As a Language Arts teacher, it was also especially refreshing to find someone who used correct sentence structure, punctuation, grammatical expression, and the correct homophone. It is terrible to read "there" when "they're" is the proper term. :) Shame on me for going into teacher mode. I am on summer holiday...after all. Thanks again for a wonderful story. I look forward to reading more."

— Sheila

May 21, 2004

"Wow! I recently read Assassin and just fell in love with Rain and Case. You made these two so real it was as if I could reach out and touch them. Thanks for a great story."

— Kathy

January 1, 2004

"Just got finished reading this story and I wanted to thank you for writing and sharing it. It is by far one of the most gripping and thought-provoking stories I've read on the Net, Kodi. I love how you take characters like vampires and assassins that we would normally hate and fear — and make them human. Case is a fascinating anti-hero — a character who is doing something society rightfully condemns...but a victim of that society herself. Her struggle to try to regain her humanity is poignant and reaffirming. In the novel, Rain eventually realizes that sometimes in life good things can come out of really horrible things. Having read your note about your own experience with abuse — let me say that this story itself is proof of that."

— Maribel Piloto (aka Lunacy)

July 18, 2003

"I just wanted to applaud you for your story Assassin. That was a great read!! I loved it. It had me hanging on and hoping things would work out for those two [Case and Rain]. I stayed up very late for like 4 days reading the chapters. It had me fully engrossed in it!!

Again thanks for the story. Bravo, job well done. Also you sure know your stuff for guns and web sites and hacking!"

— Diane

February 13, 2003

"I'm fairly sure I've written before about the earlier sections of Assassin, but I finally found out that it was finished and raced through it last night!

What a wild ride! Sure kept me guessing about what Rain would do through the very end. :)

I had to write and say thank you for such an intense story, and so perfectly written. When I found it was finished I couldn't remember where I'd left off, and I started around 12, knowing I'd gotten at least that far. I know I must have read through at least 20 or so, but I actually couldn't tell where I'd left off and 'new' story began, it was so smooth.

Anyhow, thank you again and best of luck to you in everything."

— Carrie

July 24, 2002

"Just wanted to write and say I loved [Assassin]. It kept me gripped through the whole story. The emotions through it were strong and I think added to the story. Thank you."

— Jude

June 28, 2002

"I just finished reading your story Assassin. Good Job. Great story. It was very detailed and Case's plan at the end totally took me by surprise. Well done."

— KU

June 16, 2002

"I just finished reading your "Assassin" story and wanted to drop a line to congratulate you on the story. It read very easy, I enjoyed the character development and couldn't put the damn thing down until it was finished!! Thanks for sharing your talents!"

— Sherri

June 14, 2002

[Editor's note: The original text of this review was written by a non-native English speaker/writer, so I translated what I believe they would have written had English been their native language. I was unable to find the author later on, so this was done without the author's permission.]

"I wish to express to you my congratulations for the recent ending of the story "Assassin." I found it by accident some time ago, and I had been looking forward to reading it complete. The story is great and the characters are, in my modest opinion, almost perfect and real humans. Their strengths and weaknesses, their conflicts, doubts, ethics, and feelings are so well made that they enthralled me more than the "not-so-well-developed" action. I also was affected, as you predicted, by the violent scenes of Case's life (and I assure you that I do not have a "queasy stomach"... maybe a "weak heart"?). I also want to say to you how sorry I am that you, or anyone else, had to go through that hell. I wish you luck with your other stories, and everything else in your life. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful work."

— Angel

May 23, 2001

"I am enjoying your story "Assassin" tremendously. Your characters are very well developed, very three-dimensional. I'm looking forward to reading more."

— Melissa

May 2, 2001

"Just wanted to let you know that I've read the first 12 chapters of [Assassin] and am really enjoying it. Can't wait to see how Rain and Case get out of this mess. Usually I wait till a story is completed before I start reading it, just because there have been a couple that were never finished. But once I started this story, I read it right through in one sitting. I liked the past life dream that Rain had about herself and Case, nice touch. I look forward to reading the next part."

[Editor's note: The following was written a year and 4 months later (August 29, 2002).]

"I finally found the rest of [Assassin] and was able to finish reading it. I totally enjoyed it."

— LC