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Jo and Blair woke up early and put their clothes back on before Mrs. Garret could find them naked.

They kept their relationship a secret for several years until they entered college, and then they told everyone that they were in love.

Mrs. Garret fainted when she first found out, but she quickly recovered and gave the girls her blessing.

Natalie and Tootie didn't even bat an eye, having figured it out a long time ago. They were both happy for their friends.

Jo's family did go ballistic for a little while, but once they realized Jo was happy, they accepted her with open arms.

It took a little longer for Blair's family to accept her choice of Jo as a girlfriend, but eventually, when Jo didn't ask for any loans, they decided to trust Blair's judgment and just ignore any scandals concerning their daughter's relationship with the lower-class girl.

After college, Jo opened a motorcycle shop. She got a loan from the bank, rather than accept any money from Blair's parents, and eventually established a whole chain of the retail/repair shops and became wealthy in her own right.

Blair continued her education and studied fashion design. She went to Europe for a year, the time apart filled with phone calls and intercontinental flights back and forth for the lovers, but she finally returned home and became a well-known designer to the stars.

The two women were married ten years to the day of their first night together. They went to Vermont and eloped, having a nice private ceremony the way Jo had wanted. Then they came back home and had the wedding event of the decade the way Blair had wanted.

They've been together ever since.

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