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Chapter 6

It had been three weeks since Mrs. Garret had imposed the "string punishment" on Jo and Blair, and things had been going pretty well. The fighting had gone down to a minimum, and the two had found that they could actually carry on a civilized conversation when they really tried.

Still, things had been strained. They could both feel it, and so could most of the people around them, though they just attributed it to the two girls' usual attitudes towards one another. The fact that the blonde and the brunette appeared to be getting along better than they ever had before tended to be overlooked.

As they readied themselves for bed, Blair couldn't help wondering why they'd gotten off to such a bad start. Jo was a little rough around the edges, but she wasn't a bad person. But from the first moment they'd met, they'd traded insults as though they'd hated each other from birth.

She remembered something her mother had said one evening after a party in which two of her cousins had been arguing most of the night, much to their parents' dismay. The fighting had been embarrassing for both families, but Blair's mother had commented that she thought the boy and girl would be married in less than a year. She'd been right, and the wedding invitations had arrived only a few months later. All the friction had just been sexual tension.

Blair considered her own relationship with Jo. It had been heated from the very beginning, and sometimes just looking at Jo made Blair want to scream. The girl could be absolutely infuriating at times, but Blair didn't think she saw anything sexual in that at all. However, the intensity of her emotions had always been over the top when it came to Jo. Maybe it had just been the only way she could deal with her feelings at the time.

"Jo?" Blair asked hesitantly into the darkness.

"Yeah?" Jo said.

"Did you really mean it when you said you hated me?"

Jo rolled over to face the girl, though she could just barely make out her features in the minimal moonlight coming through the window.

"What are you talking about? I don't hate you," Jo replied.

"But you said you did," Blair reminded her.

"Well, you said you hated me, too, so why do you care what I said?"

"I was just wondering why we fight all the time."

"Because you're an annoying rich girl who thinks she can get anything she wants by batting her eyelashes a few times and throwing around her daddy's money," Jo said without thinking.

"And you're a juvenile delinquent with no fashion sense and even less manners," Blair replied in a huff and turned over to face away from the brunette.

Jo rolled her eyes and turned over onto her back to stare up at the ceiling. Okay, so that hadn't come out right, but Blair had asked and she'd answered. After a few minutes, Jo frowned in consternation, as she heard a sniffle come from Blair's direction.

"Blair?" Jo asked hesitantly.

There was no answer, so Jo sat up and leaned over towards Blair to see if the girl was asleep.

"Blair?" Jo whispered, just in case, but she still reached out a hand to lay gently on the girl's shoulder.

"Leave me alone," Blair said and shrugged off the touch.

Her voice was thick, and Jo realized she was crying.

"Blair, what's wrong?" Jo asked, suddenly concerned.

"Nothing," Blair said shortly.

"You're crying. I can hear you," Jo retorted.

"Sorry if I'm keeping you awake. Maybe I can pay you for the inconvenience," Blair said sarcastically.

Jo heard the hurt in the blonde's voice and realized she was crying because of what Jo had said to her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean..." Jo trailed off.

She didn't know what she was apologizing for; everything she'd said was true. Blair had been mean to her over and over again, putting her down for her lower-class upbringing, and rarely ever considering anyone else's feelings besides her own. She'd been a lot nicer recently, but Jo could still remember each and every cutting remark Blair had ever thrown at her, and though Jo had never admitted it, the words had hurt.

"What," Blair waited angrily.

Jo remained silent, and Blair eventually turned over to see what the girl was doing. She was sitting with her knees drawn to her chest and her chin resting on her knees. In the bluish light of the evening, she could see glistening tracks running down Jo's cheeks. Jo slowly turned her head to look at Blair, and even in the dark, Blair could see the hurt in her eyes. She suddenly realized she didn't have a whole lot to be mad about since she hadn't exactly been kind in her own remarks towards the tomboy. They'd managed to tie in that particular race.

Blair sat up and crossed her legs beneath herself. She didn't know what to say, but she didn't feel right just turning away and going to sleep. She'd only seen Jo cry a couple times, but it had never been the result of something she'd said. She looked up and found Jo still watching her.

"I'm sorry, too," Blair finally whispered.

"Why? It's all true. I'm a thief, and I don't have designer clothes, and I don't know how to act around all you rich girls. It's just a matter of time before they kick me outta here," Jo said.

"You're not going to get kicked out," Blair argued. "And we all took the van, so I guess we're all delinquents," she continued, trying to get a smile from the tough girl.

Blair reached out and brushed at Jo's cheek to wipe away the tears. Jo closed her eyes and felt her skin tingle where the tips of Blair's fingers touched her skin. She pulled away from the contact and rubbed harshly at her face to remove the wetness herself, as her legs dropped naturally into the pretzel position.

"Now what did I do?" Blair asked angrily.

Jo looked up and sighed in frustration, as she let her hands fall into her lap.

"Nothing. You wouldn't understand, so just drop it," Jo warned.

"Drop what? You were crying, so I was trying to make you feel better, and now you're mad at me for being nice. That doesn't make any sense," Blair declared, though she was terrified that Jo had figured out she liked her and that now she was afraid of Blair's touch.

"Never mind," Jo dismissed.

"No, Jo. Make me understand. I thought we were starting to get along, and now we're back to fighting."

Blair wanted to stop pushing, but she couldn't. She'd never backed down from a fight with Jo, and it seemed she was simply incapable of doing so, even if it meant Jo told her she was horrible for wanting to put the moves on her friend.

"We're not fighting," Jo argued.

"Then why won't you let me touch you?" Blair asked brazenly.

She realized she was tired of hiding her feelings, so she was trying to force Jo into talking about them first. It was cowardly, but Blair didn't know what else to do.

"It doesn't matter," Jo said, as she felt herself being cornered.

"It does to me," Blair said seriously.

Jo closed her eyes. She'd been afraid of having this conversation ever since she'd recognized her attraction to Blair. But Blair's tone sounded like maybe she had already figured it out, and she just wanted confirmation. Either way, it was clear that she wasn't going to leave Jo alone until she talked.

Jo opened her eyes and made a decision.

"Promise you won't tell anyone, ever," Jo said.

"I promise," Blair swore, suddenly wondering what Jo was thinking, since it should have been Blair who was worried about being outed if Jo had figured out about her.

"I mean it. You can't even tell Mrs. Garret or anyone or I'll kill you," Jo threatened.

"I said I promise," Blair said indignantly.

"And you can't go all crazy either. You asked, and I'm tellin' you, and that's it. All right?"

"All right," Blair agreed impatiently, wondering what on earth Jo could possibly be so scared about telling her, not daring to hope it was what she hoped.

Jo swallowed.

"When you touch me... It feels good," Jo said slowly.

"Okay," Blair swallowed, as she gained a glimmer of hope. "Why is that bad?" Blair asked fearfully.

"Because it feels really good," Jo said.

Blair sat in silence, as the realization of what Jo seemed to be implying slowly dawned on her. Blair's heartbeat picked up speed, and she found it hard to breathe.

"What do you mean?" Blair whispered, still too afraid to talk about her own enjoyment of Jo's touch.

"It just... feels good when you touch me," Jo said, unable to do anything but repeat herself.

"Like how?" Blair persisted, needing to hear the words.

Jo sighed in frustration.

"Like that it makes me want to kiss you, all right?!" Jo replied harshly, though her voice didn't raise much above a whisper.

They sat in stunned silence for several minutes, as they both tried to get a handle on their feelings. Finally, Blair raised her arm and reached out to touch Jo's face again, but the brunette pulled away.

"What are you doing?" Jo asked irritably.

Blair swallowed.

"You said... When I touch you, it makes you want to kiss me." Blair paused. "I want..." Blair swallowed again, as her heart leapt into her throat. "I want you to kiss me."

Jo felt her stomach drop and a low-grade tingle began in her abdomen to replace the missing organ.

"What?" Jo asked hollowly.

Blair slowly moved herself closer to Jo so that their knees were touching. Then she leaned closer so that their faces were only inches apart.

"Kiss me," Blair whispered.

"I-I, I don't know how," Jo stuttered in shock.

"You've never kissed anyone before?" Blair asked in surprise.

"Yeah, I've kissed someone, but I've never kissed a girl before," Jo admitted.

"Well, I think it's probably done the same way," Blair reasoned.

As Blair waited, Jo licked her lips and tried to figure out an approach. Finally, she just leaned forward and lightly brushed her lips against Blair's. The sensation shot straight to Jo's groin, and her entire body tensed. Blair gasped at the soft contact against her mouth and realized she'd been mistaken; this was nothing like kissing a boy.

Jo reached up her hand to hold Blair's head in place and moved her lips over Blair's a little more. Blair responded and kissed the girl back, pulling on Jo's upper lip slightly and letting the tip of her tongue caress the soft skin for a split second. That was all the time it took for Jo to register the sensation, and she groaned softly and kissed Blair's bottom lip.

As their lips brushed together again, Jo opened her mouth slightly and tested Blair's lips with her tongue. Blair parted her own lips and let her tongue dart out to meet Jo's. The contact sent electricity through both of them, and Blair pushed her tongue out further, trying to find a way past Jo's tongue and into her mouth.

Jo felt the pressure Blair's tongue was putting on her own, and she opened her mouth wider for the blonde. At the same time, she pushed her own tongue out and grazed it over Blair's. They both moaned at the same time, and Blair put her hand on Jo's thigh to hold on.

Jo reached up with her other hand and held the other side of Blair's face, pushing her fingers into the girl's hair. Tingles swept over Blair's scalp, and her fingers gripped the cloth covering Jo's leg. Her other hand was clenching in the blanket, but she quickly let go and brought it to Jo's waist, sliding her palm around and up Jo's thinly covered back.

As they gasped for breath, the kiss broke, and they reluctantly sat back. Blair's hands rested on Jo's thighs, and Jo's hands remained on Blair's shoulders.

"Wow," Jo whispered.

Blair nodded and leaned in again. She wanted more.

Their lips touched again, but this time, they immediately opened their mouths and began exploring. Jo used her hands to pull at the back of Blair's head to force her mouth more firmly against her own, and Blair reached for Jo's waist, wanting to bring their bodies closer. Unfortunately, in their current position, that wasn't really possible.

Blair reluctantly broke the kiss and then immediately uncrossed her legs. She pushed Jo's legs apart and then scooted forward, her thighs resting on top of Jo's, as she wrapped her legs around Jo's waist. She then wrapped her arms around Jo's back and pulled them closer together.

Jo was surprised at how quickly Blair had taken the initiative, but then she realized she shouldn't have been. Blair had always gone after what she wanted. She'd never been very shy about making her desires known, and now was no different.

Jo ran her hands through Blair's soft hair and decided she couldn't let Blair get the upper hand. If Blair thought she could control her the way she did all the boys she dated, she was out of her mind.

Jo pressed her mouth to Blair's again and used her legs to bring the lower half of Blair's body closer to her own. As their tongues moved over and around each other, Jo maneuvered her arms underneath Blair's and pulled up on the hem of Blair's long white nightgown. Jo's hands were quickly moving over the bare skin of Blair's lower back, and Blair moaned.

Blair's arms had been forced up onto Jo's shoulders, and Blair combed her fingers through the girl's dark locks. Then her hands began to trail down Jo's shoulders and then across the top of her chest. Her fingers found the top button on Jo's pajama shirt and began undoing it.

Blair got through three more buttons before Jo broke the kiss to see what she was doing. The blonde undid the rest, as Jo watched her. Blair slowly pushed back the two halves of the shirt and saw Jo's breasts for the first time. They were rounded and just slightly smaller than her own, and the areolae were dark with small nipples standing erect in the center.

Blair looked up into Jo's eyes. Her hands slowly moved to cup the girl's breasts, and Jo gasped as Blair's fingers brushed over her nipples. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of having her breasts touched by another human being for the first time in her life. She opened her eyes again and found Blair watching her, as she repeatedly rubbed her thumbs over Jo's nipples.

Jo could feel moisture gathering between her legs, and her sex ached. She wasn't sure if they were ready for what they were doing, but she couldn't bring herself to stop it. She just wanted more.

Jo pushed the material of Blair's nightgown up. The move temporarily forced Blair to relinquish her hold on the other girl's breasts, but once her clothing was gone, she found herself in the position of being the one on display. Jo just stared at her for the longest time until she actually started to worry if Jo liked her. Her breasts were slightly larger than Jo's, and the areolae were light pink against the rest of her skin. Her nipples were still soft, but Blair could feel them beginning to contract.

Then Jo leaned forward and kissed her, pushing her back down onto the bed. Their chests touched as they went horizontal, and Blair arched up into the contact. She'd never gone this far with anyone, boy or girl, and she knew she couldn't stop now. With the boys, there always seemed to be some internal alarm that went off when they wanted to go beyond the barriers provided by her clothing. But with Jo, she wanted to remove those barriers as quickly as possible, or have Jo remove them for her.

Jo pulled back a little so that she could bring one of her hands to wrap around one of Blair's breasts. She squeezed the soft flesh and looked down to watch, as she rubbed her thumb over the large nipple. Her mouth was watering, and she realized she wanted to taste.

Jo looked into Blair's eyes and then slowly moved down so that she could wrap her lips around the hardening nub.

"Oh god, Jo," Blair whispered harshly, as she felt Jo's wet mouth engulf her nipple.

Jo moaned, as she flicked the nipple with her tongue and sucked lightly, then progressively harder, as her need for more increased. By divine accident, or maybe it was by divine design, she repositioned her legs, and her upper right thigh pressed hard against Blair's panty-covered crotch.

Blair gripped Jo's shoulders and felt the lower half of her body buck up against Jo's leg. She'd masturbated plenty of times, so she knew exactly where to rub to gain the most pleasure. Jo seemed to understand perfectly, and she pushed her leg harder into Blair's body and gyrated her own hips to add a little more friction.

Blair could feel pleasure racing through her body. It was like nothing she'd ever felt before. The pleasure she'd given herself didn't even come close to what she was receiving from Jo. She felt like she was going to burst.

Jo released the nipple and went back up to Blair's mouth. She wanted to taste her tongue again. She also wanted to do more than just rub against Blair's sex with her leg.

Blair devoured Jo's tongue. She didn't know how much she'd missed it over the past couple minutes until she was tasting it again. Then she felt Jo's hand reaching underneath her panties.

Jo knew she had to move a lot more than she was if she truly intended to get Blair's underwear off, but she was hoping Blair would help her out. If she didn't, then she'd know Blair wasn't quite ready, though everything Blair had done so far said she was more than ready.

Blair lifted her butt off the bed and tried to angle herself so that Jo could pull the thin silk off without too much trouble. Jo had to remove her thigh from between Blair's legs so that Blair could bring her thighs together.

Finally, after a little more wiggling, Blair's underwear was gone, and Jo started to move to retake her place between Blair's legs. But Blair stopped her and started pulling at Jo's pajama bottoms. Jo smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry, I forgot," Jo whispered.

"It's okay. Just take them off," Blair said impatiently.

The two girls quickly pulled the long pants off, along with Jo's underwear, and then they looked at each other's bodies as they lay side by side. Blair's hair was a medium brown, while Jo's was pure black. Jo reached down to brush her fingers over the soft curls, and Blair's body seemed to have a mind of its own, as her legs parted in supplication.

As Jo went a little lower, she felt something warm and slippery, and she couldn't resist pushing the tips of her fingers between Blair's nether lips to look for more.

"Jo!" Blair gasped, as Jo's fingers briefly rubbed over her clitoris.

Jo stopped and looked over at Blair's face in alarm.

"Did I hurt you?" she asked fearfully.

"Not hardly," Blair exclaimed.

Jo grinned. She hadn't thought she'd done anything wrong, but the sudden gasp had startled her. She slowly moved her fingers back over Blair's clitoris and gently rubbed the hard little nodule.

"Oh god," Blair whimpered, as she pushed up to increase the contact.

Jo leaned down and covered Blair's mouth with her own, as she continued to massage Blair's clitoris the way she'd touched her own sex when she was sure Blair was asleep and wouldn't hear her.

Blair lost herself in Jo's mouth, as her body was treated to pleasures she'd never thought possible. However, as the pressure built, Blair knew she wanted more. She just wasn't sure how to ask for it.

"Jo?" Blair panted out.

Jo slowed down her passes over Blair's sex and waited.

"You okay?" Jo asked.

"Yeah. I just..." Blair stopped.

"What? Do you want me to stop?" Jo asked in concern and halted her movements completely.

"No!" Blair cried out and reached down to push Jo's hand into moving again.

"Then what?" Jo asked in confusion.

Blair slowly guided Jo's fingers lower, as she stared into Jo's eyes, willing her to figure it out without Blair having to say it. Jo felt the indentation where Blair's vagina opened, and she realized what Blair wanted.

"Are you sure? I heard it hurts a little when girls lose their virginity," Jo said.

"It's okay. I fell off a horse when I was little, so it's already gone," Blair explained.

"Really? I fell off the monkey bars when I was seven and did the same thing," Jo replied.

Blair wasn't really listening though. Her mind was on other matters. Jo remembered what they were doing and let the thoughts of childhood drift away, as she rubbed her fingers up and down the length of Blair's sex, scraping over Blair's clitoris and then dipping slightly into the entrance of Blair's vagina.

Blair was moaning and breathing heavily, the anticipation only intensifying the feelings running through her body. Then Jo stopped and slowly began pushing a single finger inside. Blair bit her bottom lip to keep from crying out and possibly waking the whole household. It just felt so incredible to have Jo inside her. Her hips were rocking, and Jo slowly removed her finger before pushing it all the way back in again.

Jo was amazed at the sensation of having her finger enveloped by Blair. It was so slick and hot and soft. After a few dozen more times of sliding her finger in and out of Blair's sex, Jo cautiously added a second finger. She just wanted to feel more and adding another finger seemed like the best solution.

Blair felt the extra width, and her stomach clenched, as she was filled a little more. She was going to lose her mind if this continued. She reached up for Jo and pulled her down to her mouth. Once their mouths were joined, Blair stopped resisting the urge to cry out, and she moaned loudly into Jo's mouth.

Jo answered her immediately, the sound being drawn from somewhere deep inside. She pushed her fingers deeper inside Blair and dove her tongue further into Blair's mouth, the two somehow being connected.

As Blair's hips rocked faster, she felt Jo's thumb move to begin rubbing over her clitoris again, and that was the breaking point. Blair whimpered and then gasped, as fireworks went off behind her eyes, and her body was rocked repeatedly with orgasms. She couldn't help crying out, and Jo quickly buried Blair's face into her shoulder to try to muffle the sounds.

"Oh god, Jo!" Blair cried out and clung to Jo, as her body seized over and over again.

Jo finally stopped pumping her fingers in and out of Blair's vagina and just let them rest at the entrance, her hand partially cupping Blair's sex. She let Blair lie back again and slowly lowered her head to kiss Blair gently on the lips. Then she slid her body down a little more and relaxed so that she was lying next to the blonde, the lengths of their bodies touching all along their sides.

Blair tried to regain some sense of lucid thought, but it took a little while. Her body was still twitching from her first partner-induced orgasm. There was also the little realization that she was no longer a virgin.

Blair looked over at Jo and found her staring at the ceiling. She frowned.

"Is something wrong?" Blair asked.

Jo turned her head to look at Blair.

"No. I just... I never had sex before. That was pretty amazing," Jo said, still in awe and more than aroused from watching and listening to Blair come in her arms.

Blair smiled.

"Oh, it isn't over yet," Blair said huskily.

She rolled over and partially rested on top of Jo's body, as she kissed the brunette thoroughly.

Having an aunt who was a lesbian had given Blair a bit of an education. After having "the sex talk" with her mom, she'd been confused about how two women could have sex, and she hadn't had the sense to be afraid about asking any questions. She'd actually received an honest answer, which had disgusted her at the tender age of twelve when she'd still thought French kissing was the most revolting thing she'd ever heard of. But now that she was in the situation, she found herself very interested in trying the whole thing out. She also thought it might surprise Jo, and she always liked getting one up on the cocky girl.

Jo returned the kiss fervently. She hadn't had much of a release yet, and her body was screaming for attention. She pulled at Blair's hips, trying to rub herself against them, as her mouth was filled with Blair's tongue, but Blair slowly pulled her face away and began kissing down Jo's neck.

The light touches sent quivers through Jo's body, and her breathing rapidly changed from moderate to panting. When she felt Blair's mouth sucking on her nipple, she grabbed the sheets and held on to keep from yelling. As it was, her breaths were coming out in loud gasps, and she wasn't sure if they could be heard through the walls, but she couldn't calm them down regardless.

Blair rolled her tongue around Jo's nipple and reached out to squeeze Jo's other breast with her hand. One of Jo's hands slid through her hair and gripped the base of her neck, pulling her harder into Jo's chest. She decided she liked the feeling and allowed herself to be held in place, as Jo received pleasure from what Blair was doing to her.

After a few minutes though, Blair gave the nipple a final kiss and repositioned herself over the other one. She licked her tongue over the erect nipple and then drew it into her mouth, sucking hard all at once and bringing a sharp gasp from Jo. She smiled around the flesh in her mouth and then went back to sucking.

Jo arched up and stayed up, as she tried to increase the sensations. Blair was driving her insane. The slight pain from having her nipples pinched and lightly bitten only seemed to make her need more. But it was her sex that seemed to need the contact.

Jo pushed her pelvis up, and Blair let go of the nipple in her mouth, as she looked up at Jo's face. It looked like Jo was in pain, but she hadn't told Blair to stop, so she didn't. But she did start kissing Jo's chest and then licked over Jo's stomach, unable to stop tasting Jo's skin for even a moment.

As Blair neared the dark patch of hair, she could smell the strong sexual scent coming from Jo's pubic area. Blair licked a line across the edge of Jo's hair, and Jo's stomach twitched hard.

"Oh god, Blair, what are you doing?" Jo breathed out, as her body did a few cartwheels.

Blair didn't answer, as she repositioned herself between Jo's legs and slowly spread her labia apart with two fingers. Jo whimpered slightly, as her wet sex was exposed to the cool air, but then a full-throated moan escaped her, as Blair's mouth descended on her clitoris.

Blair tasted the slick flesh of Jo's sex and gave a little moan of her own. The scent was strong in her nostrils, and she almost stopped breathing. But then she just started sucking the way she had on Jo's nipples. However, there was more to explore in this area, and Blair took turns between licking around Jo's inner and outer lips and sucking on her clitoris. No matter what she did, Jo seemed to have a favorable reaction to it, so Blair didn't worry too much about whether she was doing it right.

Jo couldn't stop writhing on the bed. Her entire existence had been focused down to a single point between her legs, and no other thoughts were able to intrude. She just didn't want Blair to stop whatever it was she was doing.

Blair heard Jo's breathing begin to pick up a little more, and she recognized it, having just gone through the same sensations not too long ago. She sucked a little harder, flicking her tongue over Jo's engorged clitoris again and again. In her current position, she couldn't quite figure out how to move so that she could enter Jo's vagina, but it didn't seem to matter. It was only moments before Jo's body slammed back into the bed, and Jo did her best not to simply scream, as goose bumps covered her body, and she came in a rush.

"Blair!" Jo choked out on a gasp, unable to form any other words.

Blair kept her lips locked around Jo's clitoris until Jo stopped moving. Then she tenderly kissed the throbbing nub and slowly climbed up Jo's body to hold her.

Jo was still gasping for air, and she almost thought she was going to hyperventilate. All the times she'd masturbated, nothing had ever felt like that. She'd never even imagined anything like that.

"Where the hell did you learn to do that?" Jo panted out.

Blair grinned.

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah. Couldn't you tell?" Jo replied.

Blair leaned down and lightly kissed Jo's lips. Jo smelled her own scent and was surprised at how it made her stomach clench in arousal all over again. She thrust her tongue into Blair's mouth to taste and realized she wanted to know what Blair's sex tasted like. Jo quickly reversed their positions and filled Blair's mouth with her tongue.

The kiss was passionate, and Blair knew they weren't done yet. They were a couple of teenage girls, and stamina would not be a problem.

Jo moved her body so that she was between Blair's legs, and she ground her pelvis into Blair's. Her own sex was very ready to go again, and from Blair's reaction, she was sure the blonde was ready, too.

Taking a few lessons from Blair, Jo broke their kiss and traveled her mouth along Blair's neck to her ear. She didn't know what possessed her, but she sucked on the soft plump lobe and then whispered into her ear.

"I want to taste you."

The hot breath in Blair's ear made her hold Jo tighter, and she whimpered. Imagining Jo's mouth on her sex was a new and very potent image.

"Please, Jo," Blair agreed.

Jo smiled and kissed down the soft neck beneath her lips until she'd made her way all the way to Blair's breasts. It was the most natural thing in the world for her to pull one into her mouth and begin kissing it as though it were Blair's tongue. Her teeth grazed over the sensitive flesh, and Blair's hands wrapped around her head to keep her there.

Jo reached down between their bodies and started rubbing Blair's sex, as she sucked on her nipple. The two actions compounded Blair's pleasure, and she panted out a few moans, as she felt the pressure building again.

Jo released the tit from her mouth and continued on her way down between Blair's legs. Her fingers never left Blair's sex, but as Jo moved lower, she repositioned them so that she could spear them inside Blair's vagina. Then she used her other hand and spread Blair's nether lips to reveal her clitoris. Jo had never seen one before, and she still couldn't make out a whole lot of detail in the darkness, so she just let her tongue do the searching.

She found it almost on first contact, and Blair jumped as the pleasure shot through her groin. At the same time, Jo pushed her fingers up, and Blair felt herself being simultaneously sucked on and penetrated. It nearly sent her over the edge on the first thrust, but her body acclimated to the new sensations, and then she was just floating in bliss.

Blair reached down and gripped Jo's hair, feeling her head move between her hands as the tomboy explored every inch of her sex, inside and out. Blair pushed herself up off the bed in time with Jo's movements, and the rhythm steadily built until Jo was pounding her fingers inside Blair's vagina and sucking harshly on her clit.

Blair had long since given up trying to remain quiet, and she moaned openly, as she felt herself nearing climax. She just prayed that their room being so far away from everyone else's would keep her from being heard by anyone.

Jo felt like she was about to come herself, as she heard Blair fighting for air. The hand she was using to hold Blair's lips apart wasn't really helping, since the flesh was too slippery, so she considered moving it to touch herself, but she couldn't work it out. She needed that arm to hold her up and give her room to thrust with her other arm while she licked at Blair's clitoris.

So, Jo just squeezed her legs together. It seemed to ease the pressure a little.

"Harder!" Blair croaked out, and Jo pushed her arm to the limit, driving her fingers into Blair with as much force as she could muster in her current position.

"Oh god! Yes, Jo!" Blair said, as she was consumed in orgasm.

Jo felt Blair clamp down on her fingers, and she rubbed her tongue over Blair's clitoris to sustain her pleasure as long as possible. Finally, Blair's muscles relaxed, and Jo withdrew her fingers. She licked at them before the stickiness could dry like it had last time.

Blair released her grip on Jo's head and tiredly pulled on her shoulders to bring her closer. Jo moved up and smothered the blonde with kisses, which she actively returned. Her own taste was slightly different from the way Jo had tasted to her, and she darted her tongue into every crevice of Jo's mouth to get it all.

Jo's clitoris was throbbing from unspent passion, and she couldn't help rubbing against Blair's hip to try to ease the ache. Blair didn't even think, as she trailed her hand down between their bodies and immediately began massaging Jo's sex. As Jo raised one of her legs to give Blair better access, Blair took the invitation and slowly pushed inside Jo's vagina.

Jo was tight, and the penetration felt incredibly good. She groaned and hugged Blair's body to her own, as Blair lowered her head to fasten her mouth onto Jo's closest nipple. As the two points of pleasure met in the middle of Jo's body, she felt like she was being torn apart.

Blair withdrew her finger and pushed in again. The texture of the inside of Jo's vagina was soft and rippled. As Blair slowly moved in and out, she realized the sensitivity of her fingers was somehow connected to her sex, and she felt herself building again. The feeling slowly faded into the background, though, as she concentrated on what she was doing to Jo.

Jo pushed up onto Blair's finger and tried to make her go deeper. There was a place that Blair was almost touching, and she wanted to feel Blair there.

"More," Jo whispered raggedly.

Blair wasn't quite sure what "more" Jo wanted, so she just moved her hand a little faster. But she could feel Jo's vagina widening, and her one little finger wasn't meeting any resistance as it slid in and out of the slippery canal. So, Blair uncurled her middle finger to hold it against her index finger and pushed them both inside on the next thrust. Jo groaned and opened her legs a little wider.

Blair plunged her fingers as far in as they would go. At the tip of her reach, she felt something hard, and Jo whimpered. With that kind of encouragement, Blair went back again.

Jo felt her body explode into bliss as her G-spot was rubbed again and again. She cried her orgasm into Blair's hair and held on for dear life, as her body was racked with spasms. Blair kept up her movements until Jo stopped her hand by closing her legs. Then Blair carefully removed her fingers and curled into Jo's arms, as Jo hugged her tightly.

"God, that was incredible," Jo whispered.

Blair smiled sleepily.

"So were you," she complimented.

Jo looked down and kissed the soft lips that were so close to her own.

"I guess Mrs. Garret's plan worked," Jo whispered drowsily.

"Yeah. We stopped fighting anyway," Blair replied.

"Yeah. And we slept together, too," Jo grinned.

Blair chuckled, as she easily fell asleep in her lover's arms, and Jo went right along with her.

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